Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Voice Thread

Voice Thread       In my technology class at East Carolina University, we learned how to use Voice Thread to make a slide show presentation. We could share pictures of an event in our lives that we wanted to share, and then we could comment on other classmate's Voice Threads. The teacher set up a Class Google Doc in which everyone in the class were asked to submit their url into the Google Doc for classmates to be able to access each classmates Voice Thread submission. Once the url was copied and pasted into the browse, students could access the Voice Thread of classmates and leave a comment about that particular voice Thread. I found Voice Thread very easy to use.
What is Voice Thread ?

Access the url below to read 7 Things you should know about Voice Thread.

Tutorial on how to use Voice Thread.

Voice Thread has several tutorial videos on the site that tell how to use Voice Thread.

How to use Voice Thread 

How to use a smartboard with voice thread 

Here are several articles I found on how to incorporate Voice Thread in the classroom.

Getting Started in the Classroom

VoiceThread --a valuable classroom collaboration tool Written by Patricia Bruder


Welcome to the Voicethread 4 Education wiki
 written by Colette Cassinelli


Free Technology for Teachers
written byRichard Byrne
On this website Mr. Byrne shares a Voice Thread of 100 ways on can use Voice Thread in teaching.

100 Ways to Use VoiceThread in Education


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