Saturday, December 1, 2012

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram lesson to use with Reading Comprehension

           Children that have difficulty with reading comprehension can greatly benefit from programs and curriculum that provide visual support.  Kidspiration is a software application program designed for K-5 learners and develops "thinking, literacy and numeracy skills using proven visual learning principles. In reading and writing, Kidspiration strengthens word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension and written expression."  It is a researched based program and research has shown that "visual learning" is one of the best methods to teach thinking skills.  To learn more about Kidspiration and Inspiration, please refer to the links below.

            The example above is a Venn diagram lesson that can be used to help improve reading comprehension skills.  Venn diagrams are used to compare and contrast subjects, characters, or stories that students have just read about.  This Venn diagram template in Kidspiration allows you to incorporate both picture symbols and text to further help students remember and associate pictures with what they learned.  This visual learning technique allows students to "strengthen their reading and writing skills as they express their ideas, compare stories, and communicate their understanding of concepts and vocabulary visually."  A great way to use this Venn diagram tool would be not only after reading, but before reading to increase reading comprehension.  Students can come up with ideas and pictures about what they already know about the topic and share with a partner to increase their background knowledge.  During the reading, the teacher can pause a few times so that students can add to their Venn diagram.  After the reading is complete, the students can make any corrections or additions.