Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spelling City

Spelling City 

                 SpellingCity Tutorial - English
Example of how a teacher may explain how to use Spelling City for the classroom.



          One minute message #2: SpellingCity
      A quick video on the activities that can
                  can utilized in Spelling City



    How To Add Spelling List to Spelling City


Working in a Group on a Technology Project


                                Working in a Group
                                    on a
                        Technology Project

           Working with a group was good in some ways and in other ways it was a little frustrating.   Working from a computer was even harder because we had to read through all the different folders and watch  the different videos before getting started. This was very time consuming as sometimes the links did not work right away. It was hard to get everyone to communicate and collaborate. There were only of few of us who got together to give each other feedback. I thought the presentation part was fun because it gave us a chance to show our creative side.  It was also a chance to gather new ideas for some possible teaching lessons for the future. It was also interesting to learn the different ways Google Docs could be transformed into a teaching tool in the classroom. Overall, the experience was good because we have to learn how to work with others and communicate as best we can. By the end of the project, we all came together and completed out task. Our presentation came together and everyone did their part. All the different parts of the project in this assignment could be used in my specific teaching area which is grades kindergarten through sixth grade. The Chalk Talk would be a good tool during a writing assignment where the children are to write a paper. The children could individually brain storm the specific points they wish to communicate in their research papers. The presentation feature in Google docs could help children learn how to collaborate during a group project and combine their work and ideas in a fun, colorful, and informative presentation format. The spreadsheet could be could be a way for the children to organize their data in several subject areas to gather, formulate, analyze, and present data in an organized manner. I thought there were several features that Google Docs has that could connect students in other states or countries in the world. The Google translator was one feature in which the children could send correspondence back and forth and be able to understand one another. One class in one state could write a blog to share about their classroom activities and another class in another state or country could have the same type of blog to share what is going on in their classroom. Each class could send comments back and forth as feedback and support.