Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Compare & Contrast Diigo & Delicious

                            Diigo Versus Delicious
Feature               Diigo               Delicious
Organize bookmarks automatically with tags                  X                    X
Popular bookmarks                  X                    X
Anytime, anywhere access to bookmarks                  X                    X
Share bookmarks with others                  X                    X
Powerful, customizable, search tools                  X                    X
Groups post to blog automatically                  X                              X
Tools & browser extensions to make bookmarking easier                  X                    X
Lists                  X                                     X
Free iphone & android apps for bookmarking from mobile device                  X              3rd party
Ipad Safari browser bookmarketlet                  X                            
Highlight & annotate web pages                  X              
Capture, markup.& share images & text                  X
Archive web pages just as you see them                  X
Sync bookmarks between Diigo & Delicious                  X
Educator Tools                  X
Open ID Compatible                  X
          I opened up a Diigo account, but I think I like Delicious better simply because it does not have all the extras. I think I just like things simple. It seems that I do not need all the highlighting and archive extras. The best part is the bookmarking, so that I do not have to take up the bookmark space on my computer when I want to find a lesson plan or great resources for teachers and students.

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