Sunday, September 9, 2012


                    Reflecting  on TPACK

Give me a T...T!

         Give me a P...P!

                   Give me and A...A!

                           Give me a C...C!

                                    Give me a K...K!

What does it spell?!   TPACK
             What does each letter mean?

 A=And or (Grade Goal for students =)

                      What is it All About?

       Educators are interested in TPACK because it is a way for teachers and students build a significant and efficient
technological alliance. TPACK strives for teachers to not just know about computers, but they must develop a pedagogic or an art of teaching their subject well as they integrate computer technology into their lesson plans.
       TK=Technological Knowledge. The ability to use the software, computers, etc. software, computers, etcetera.

       CK=Content Knowledge is the content knowledge teachers must have to teach in their field of specialty such as Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading, and more.

       What teachers are trying to convey to their students stems from Dr. Lee Shulman's idea of pedagamy of how to teach which is (PCK).
        (PCK)-Pedagogical Content Knowledge is where the pedagogical knowledge of a subject and content knowledge meet to allow teachers to effectively teach that specific content knowledge.
       TCK=Technological Content Knowledge in which a teacher may know the technology to support research in that field of study.
       TPK=Technological Pedagogical Knowledge is knowledge in which a teacher knows how to use technology to support teaching.
       The whole idea of TPACK is to accomplish a more productive way of teaching in a way that the students will learn while using technology they already use and learning how to use new technology. Technology, Pedagogy, and Content are a very complicated way to support good teaching. This entire package is called context by supporters who would defend TPACK.
       If a child is in Elementary School,the way TPACK will look would be different than someone who is in a higher education program. So ultimately, TPACK seeks to understand how the 3 domains of Technology, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge interact with one another in creating subdomains that are essential to understand and support effective technological integration. 

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